Fertiliser spreading is an important part of maintaining your paddocks and grasslands.

Fertiliser spreading promotes plant growth by replenishing minerals and salts that have been absorbed by grass and increases sward density preventing weed growth. The type of fertiliser used will depend on the livestock that the paddock or pasture supports.

Horse paddocks should not be to rich and high in nitrogen as this can cause several types of illness including colic and laminitis. We use Suregrow Fertiliser for fertiliser spreading on horse and pony paddocks as it specifically designed for this purpose.

Suregrow fertiliser can be applied to areas where your livestock are without the need to move or keep them of the paddock for a period of time. It will aid the recovery of over grazed, poached and stressed grass, with slow release to give a more sustained grass growth over a longer period, resulting in more palatable grass and greener fields and paddocks.

Fertiliser Spreading
fertiliser spreading

Roots are stimulated which means the sward becomes denser and helps to suppress weeds without scorching the grass.

We recommend spreading 80kgs in the spring and early summer May through July and 60kgs from September till November.

We would probably recommend a granular 20-10-10 fertiliser for hay and silage where no stock are grazing. 20-10-10 is a fast acting fertiliser and stimulates rapid growth. We apply at a rate of 60 -100 kgs an acre in early spring.

We use mounted fertiliser spreaders on our compact tractors. They are calibrated to spread fertiliser across a 12 meter width. To avoid wastage we use Patchwork GPS to ensure that there is little wastage caused by over lapping.