The best time to carry out hedge cutting around field boundaries is at the end of the growing season.

Hedge Cutting in the spring or summertime can be detrimental to birds and wild life. However, we  normally cut Leylandii in a domestic situation around early July.

We use a side arm flail mower to carry out our hedge cutting, mounted on our compact tractors.  Where hedges are really high or out of control we may use a larger tractor. Other  hedges such as Leylandii and Laurel are normally cut manually with petrol hedge cutters. We can gain access to higher hedges using a manned cradle mounted on the front of our compact tractors.

Our side arm flail mowers are also capable of trimming ditches and areas around a field or paddock where conventional mowers cannot reach.

Hedge Cutting
Hedge Cutting

We do offer tree services through one of our associates so pruning or felling of trees is available if required. We offer a chipping service where bushes or trees have been felled and not disposed of. This is more environmental friendly than burning and chippings can either be taken away or used as weed suppressants in gardens or other areas.

It is a good idea to carry out hedge cutting regularly around field boundaries and paddocks as they will tend to thicken out and look neat and tidy as well as create good habitat for wild life and natural boundaries for life stock. Furthermore it is easier to trim and look after a well kept hedge and is more cost effective.