If your paddock is worn and damaged after a long wet winter our over seeding and rejuvenation service can bring it back to life.

Muddy and worn pastures are a common occurrence after the colder months, and as a landowner, it is essential to get them back into good condition for a productive year.


Our unique process 

Unlike traditional pasture over seeding that can take many steps, at MC Country Services, our rejuvenation process combines harrowing, reseeding and rolling in one pass. This efficient over seeding technique allows the paddock to be managed more effectively and is far more productive as the ground does not need to be sprayed and ripped up.

Once reseeding has taken place, livestock can be put back onto the pasture, ensuring that your land is not put out of use.

Even if the ground in your paddock is in a particularly bad way, our rejuvenation process will still enable you to have a productive pasture.


Type of grass 

At MC Country Services we pride ourselves on our approach to reseeding, as it is not only highly efficient but also effective in ensuring the right seed is used for your land requirements.

There are many different types of grass seed available, but not all are suitable for reseeding or for the livestock that you may keep.

We see grass as an essential element in building a healthy and productive pasture, which is why we do not just use a standard formula for each paddock.

When the right combination is sewn it can provide a luscious pasture that is ideal fodder for grazing animals.

In the UK, the most common grasses include various types of ryegrass, cocksfoot, Timothy, red and white clover.

There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing the right grass. From the type and age of the livestock you hold, the time of year, to the soil type. Once we have gathered this vital information we will select a combination that we know will be effective in producing the sward your pasture needs.

type of grass
Over Seeding Services

Time of year

To gain the best results from your grass we would strongly recommend carrying out over seeding in the spring between March and the end of April and late summer and autumn’ September and October, as long as the soil temperature is above 7oc.

It is best practice to avoid overseeding during the summer months, to ensure that young seedlings are not smothered by existing grass.

Overseeding earlier in the year will dramatically help in reducing weed competition.


The benefits

As any landowner will know, reseeding is a critical part of grassland management to ensure the pasture remains in good condition; reducing weeds and maintaining a high nutritional value to livestock.

When reseeding is proactive, you can expect to increase sward productivity by 15-25%, allowing for better grass quality, and more grazing days for livestock.

Contact the MC Country Services team today to discuss the state of your paddock, and let us help you get back in working order.